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We practice sustainability at the farm. Crop rotation, use of drip irrigation and re-using the flower water each week are some of the ways we are being kind to the earth.
We are currently sold out of our harvest boxes for the 2017 season.
We have 1 beautiful flower share for the season available. Please email Lorrie at if you are interested.

Our harvest boxes are on Tuesdays with pickup between 4:00 - 6:00 pm at the Farm. 8005 Portland Rd. N.E. Salem, Oregon.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week 4 Greens + 1st tomato + gorgeous flowers

Today's contents. Remember every box comes with ONE bouquet. I put two in the photos to show our variety.

Bryan and Anna package thyme.

Colorful chard stems peeking out.
Lettuce chilling with the hope of critters coming out.

And it worked!

The celery is loving this weather.

Probably the last of this year's rhubarb.

Asparagus drinking up water.

Kale awaits its soaking tub.

Lisa's sidekick naps in his own little hut.

Grams stripping leaves off flowers and chatting with Lisa while she arranges her beautiful bouquets.

Veronica, aka Speedwell. Such a pretty blue flower.

Left to right: side view of foxglove, pale orange yarrow, dark and light orange roses, purple allium all together for a stunning combination.

A closer look.

This dahlia is called Crazy Legs. Light color on the top of the petals, dark underneath. Love it paired with these roses.

White frothy Goat's Beard with delicate orange roses. A great combination.

Heather Marie dahlias with pink Veronica, aka Speedwell, and the white bloom of a Hosta. One sherbet colored rose in the bottom right hand corner.

Blue Speedwell, white roses, white Canterbury Bells and a white Pincushion flower.

Blue Pincushion flower, white double Feverfew, pretty orange roses and an ornamental thistle, Sea Holly.

Blue Speedwell, white double Feverfew, pale yellow yarrow, the first yellow lilies.

Blue Canterbury Bells, dark purple oregano, soft gray Lamb's Ear, pale Foxglove, with a soft pink and yellow dahlia.

Pale pink hydrangea with blue salvia and pink Speedwell.

The underneath side of these roses is very dark. The bud that hasn't opened yet almost looks like it's from a different rose bush. Once they start opening their paler orange side shows. Goat's Beard sets these roses off nicely.

Another look at Crazy Legs dahlias and same colored roses.

These hydrangeas remind me of cotton balls.

A few darker pink hydrangeas.

Soft, fuzzy Lamb's Ears in the bucket of cool water.

Stunning yellow lilies with dark purple lupine.

A little bit different angle. The lupine shows up better.

Pale blue delphinium, pinkish yellow rose and white Feverfew.

Pale blue delphinium, white foxglove and the largest dahlia to date, Maniac! Isn't it fun???
White Pincushion flower, tubular dark rose Cape Fuchsia and white Hosta flowers go well with the variegated rose.
Lisa and Anna trimming in the flower beds. The VERY TALL lilies are getting close to blooming. Lisa will have to reach UP to pick them!

Today's boxes either had a small box of raspberries, Loganberries, Siskiyous or Sylvanberries. This one has raspberries with Mammoth leaf basil on the left.

Today's box also has cilantro, lavender and asparagus.

This year's first tomatoes. Yippie!

Today's reminder board.

Today's list of items.

See you next time on the blog.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Week 3 Colorful lettuce, fried green tomatoes for lunch!

Today's fresh celery and lettuce.

An unknown dahlia variety is blooming first.

Another one is starting to open.

Rosemary, one of today's herbs.

Colorful Swiss chard.

Angie has a soft bodied spittle bug crawling on her fingertips. Usually we see their evidence, which looks like a mass of foam in the v of a plant's stem and leaves.

Today's pasta salad with fresh veggies and kalamata olives.

Fried green tomatoes. Yum!

Dark chocolate no bake cookies. Delicious.

Lisa and Anna finishing up lunch with a cartful of chard in the background.

Lemon balm being bundled.

One of my favorite pink colored flowers from Lisa's garden to the farm's garden.

Honeysuckle from our Dad's hometown of Jewell, Oregon. Hummingbirds love it.

Many different colors of columbine. We grew these from seed here at the farm. Hummingbirds also love the tubular shape of columbine.

A pretty peony.

A colorful peony that blooms and blooms and blooms.

Sweet William which we also started from seed here on the farm. It is a biennial which means it grows foliage its first year and then flowers its second year. It has been reseeding so it appears as if it is a perennial.

A stunning bouquet of pink cluster roses, white Veronica, purple Canterbury bells, pink foxglove, and a white pin cushion flower.

This pin cushion flower is gorgeous. I just had to get a little closer.

Bryan and Grams sort and bundle Swiss chard.

Bundles of rhubarb and asparagus await their boxes. They have been chilling in cool water so are drip drying on the cart.

One large purple asparagus spear. Sometimes affectionately referred to as an asparagus steak.

4 varieties of kale. So many colors and textures.

Today's harvest box.

Today's reminder board.

Today's list of items.

Our flower pots with the 4 maple leaves design that Dad had on the farm's business cards back in the day.  Lisa designed and sewed the quilted wall hanging. The four leaves represent Mom and Dad's 4 children.  Pretty sweet, right?

The other side of the doors to the entrance to the harvest boxes. Love the pots Lisa planted from the plants we started from seed here on the farm.

Dark purple lupine, soft gray Lamb's Ear, lovely pink hydrangea.

Striking purple cat mint. If a plant has a square stem it is in the mint family.

Goat's beard. So delicate, yet sturdy.

Box 5 is ready to head home.

This sign was from when we had our roadside fruit stand in the 60s and 70s.

4 rows of melons planted through olive green plastic mulch. They will be watered through the drip tape that is under the plastic. About 350 watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew plants.

6 rows of zinnias next to the melon patch. A wide range of colors. I am excited for when they all bloom.

That's all for this week. See you next time on the blog.