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We practice sustainability at the farm. Crop rotation, use of drip irrigation and re-using the flower water each week are some of the ways we are being kind to the earth.
We have availability for our Special Edition Harvest Box that will be available for pick up on Tuesday, November 14th. These Special Edition Harvest Boxes are $25.00 each this year. We do have a limited amount. First come, first served.
Please email Lorrie at if you are interested.

Pick up would be on Tuesday, November 14th between 4:00 - 6:00 pm at the Farm. 8005 Portland Rd. N.E. Salem, Oregon.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Week 16 Busy day picking, not many photos today

Many of our volunteers during the summer are teachers or people who work in the school systems in other capacities. Since they are all back to their "regular jobs" we have just as much picking to do but without their wonderful help. As a result, not very many photos were taken today. Here are the ones we have!

A few cherry tomatoes. Sweet Million red cherry, the pale round yellow ones are Snowberry, Chocolate Cherry, Yellow Pear and a few Sun Sugars.
Red shallots and white cipollini onions.

And since we do love our colorful veggies, red onions, too.

Today's large tomato pickings. The striped ones are Pineapple, the ones to the left that may look like a bag of money are an Italian heirloom, Coure di Bue. 

The many colors of fall Swiss Chard. The plants are getting their second wind after the long, hot days of summer.
Bryan and Grams make sure everyone gets a variety of colors in their bundle. They have them sorted and are getting the twist ties to put the finishing touches on them before they put them in the boxes.
Today's summer squash selections. Pale green and round, green striped and round, green speckled and round as well as long and green. There are also a few white patty pan and a few yellow crookneck squash.
We have one plant of this lovely ornamental grass.
Northern Sea Oats.

Another ornamental grass. Possibly a variety of Miscanthus.

Pink and red zinnias with Northern Sea Oats.

Lovely, arching Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate, one of our favs.

One of our new items this year, didiscus. They are like the Queen Anne's Lace that grows along the roadsides around here. These are better behaved and don't take over the fields. There is even a pink one!
Blue delphinium are blooming for the second time this season. Two different white dahlias and a coral colored cactus zinnia add umph to this bouquet.
Spiky dahlias, yellow zinnias (some singles, some doubles) and coral statice with a touch of yellow in their middles. A wonderful combination.
The kiddos noticed this "tic tac toe" game in the sky. Pretty cool.

Today's instruction board. Things that didn't fit into the big boxes.
Today's list of goodies.

A close up of the left side of today's box. Colors abound. Asian pears hot peppers, broccoli shoots, multi-colored beans, Brooks prunes, kale cucumbers, summer squash, Swiss Chard, eggplant hiding in the upper right hand corner, purple potatoes along with white, purple and red onions.
The right hand side of the box, green onions standing up by the large purple eggplant, a box of cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers and a honeydew melon.

There is also a cantaloupe on the left hand side. On the top of the box are beets, patty pan squash radishes and kohlrabi. And of course two beautiful bouquets to look at. Box holders do select one bouquet to take home with them each week.

Anna's snack during pick up time today is protected by the basket with the cute little fake ants climbing up the side. The wire protector is keeping the yellow jackets away. They don't like sharing the baba ganoush with us!
Thanks Anna.

See you next time on the blog.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Week 15 Melons and bean splendor

We love our mid-day snacks. Triple Crown blackberries, three grape varieties, a white watermelon, snacks on the run.

These are Angie and my favorite tomato variety, Pineapple.

The firmness of the Brooks prunes makes for a great texture.

These are much smaller than the Brooks prunes and have a different taste than most plums. These are Japanese plums.

Several varieties of eggplant. The large ones take a month or longer than the small ones to reach maturity even though they are planted at exactly the same time.

This is a very common type of honeydew. Some of our peeps don't enjoy the texture of these but love the sweetness.

This is our new honeydew this year. An almost crunchy texture, yellow outside rind, sweet taste. Our taste testers who weren't big on the common honeydew liked this texture much better.

We tried this Cream of Saskatchewan watermelon which looks very different with its pale interior. We weren't impressed with its taste. Probably won't try it again. That's what taste testing is all about. We try new things each year, grow a few of them in the fields and then decide if we'll grown them again.

A table full of honeydew, cantaloupe and watermelon.

Anna and Ethan place grapes in their bags and then the boxes.

These are Janet's Jewels tomatoes. Lovely stripes of gold. These have an earthy taste to them. They make really tasty sauce, too.

We grew a variety of "green beans" this year. We tended to go more toward the more slender "fillet" beans this year and not so many of the regular green beans.

A sneak peak INTO today's bag of grapes. Some with seeds, some without.

We taste the apples and when a melon cracks we usually eat it for lunch!

Purple and green tomatillos.

Green and yellow tomatillos.

Lisa picking the dahlias.

Colorful and different shaped summer squash.

The beans that eventually went into the boxes today. A nice mixture.

Anna made corn ice cream today with a berry sauce for our luncheon dessert. Who would have thought! Delicious and rich.

Today's hot pepper selections. Green and reddish jalapeƱos along with Hungarian Wax peppers.

These are the sweet peppers for today. Bell peppers, a large, long Sweet Mammoth pepper as well as an Anaheim (mild) and an orange sweet pepper.

Amaranth, Love Lies Bleeding, is also an edible grain. These are so pretty in Lisa's flower arrangements and can be so stunning.

Everything wouldn't fit in the boxes today (again) so the cart is loaded with bags of grapes and boxes of tomatoes.

Buckets of zinnias, cockscomb and eucalyptus waiting to be put into bouquets. There are even a few small sunflowers hiding out.

Gladiolas, zinnias, red cockscomb, green scented geraniums, ornamental grasses and a scarlet perennial lobelia.

Stunning dahlias, slightly droopy Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate, white garlic chives, rosy zinnias, green scented geranium leaves.

Out on a pepper plant in the garden is a splendid HUGE garden spider. 

These are good guys in the garden and are characterized by their white zigzag in their web that hooks two sides of their large webs together. They also wrap up their extra "catch" for a later snack.

Today's list.

Items that wouldn't fit into the 25 x 15 x 9 inch boxes without damaging other things.

Today's harvest box contents.

See you next time on the blog.