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We practice sustainability at the farm. Crop rotation, use of drip irrigation and re-using the flower water each week are some of the ways we are being kind to the earth.
We are currently sold out of harvest boxes for this coming season.
We do have flower subscriptions available.
A Full Share is 18 weeks of gorgeous bouquets for $230 or a Half Share, every other week for a total of 9 weeks of flowers for $115.
Please email Lorrie at if you are interested.

Pick up would be on Tuesdays between 4:00 - 6:00 pm at the Farm, 8005 Portland Rd. N.E. Salem, Oregon. Our season lasts from May 29 to September 25, 2018.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 16

Yellow dahlias before the morning sun hits them.
Lisa and her trusty sidekick, Cody, in flower picking mode.
These dahlias have a flatter profile than most regular dahlias.
Some of our dahlias grow tall.
Some have variegated petals.
Some are pale toward the center and darker toward the outside.
All are pretty.
These seem to want to catch the sun.
Dark pom pom dahlias.
Two different type of bees in search of pollen.
A large bee hanging on the center of this dahlia.
Earlier in the summer Lisa painted a narrow pallet lime green, placed it on this wall and then planted these climbing morning glory plants. They have hidden it! 

This is how they twin and climb. Also the bright pink one has opened this morning, the lighter one to the left is still curled up and will unfurl in little later today.

If you don't want to look at a garden spider in a jar. Don't look at this next picture too closely.

A friendly garden spider found here on the farm. They catch all sorts of other critters in their webs. Sometimes they catch some ahead of time and wind them up in their silk to snack on later.

This week members of Chemeketa Community College men's soccer team volunteered to help harvest. After they picked cherry tomatoes (timed at a quicker pace than last week's helpers) they helped harvest pie pumpkins. We used the a "bucket brigade" version to get pumpkins to the cart at the end of the row.
Good form to get the produce gently to the next person and on down the line.
Here they are posing for their group photo. Notice they kept the stems on the pumpkins as requested!
Bryan and Grams sorting today's large tomato varieties. The cherry tomatoes were all harvested by the Chemeketa men's soccer group. Thanks!

It was a busy day of picking, alas not many photos.
See you next time on the blog.