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We practice sustainability at the farm. Crop rotation, use of drip irrigation and re-using the flower water each week are some of the ways we are being kind to the earth.
As of St. Patrick's day we have 3 harvest boxes available for this coming harvest season.
18 weeks of healthy fruits, herbs and vegetables along with a beautiful bouquet of flowers each week for $500.
We also have flower bouquet subscriptions available. A Full Share is 18 weeks of gorgeous bouquets for $230 or a Half Share, every other week for a total of 9 weeks of flowers for $115.
Please email Lorrie at if you are interested.

Pick up would be on Tuesdays between 4:00 - 6:00 pm at the Farm, 8005 Portland Rd. N.E. Salem, Oregon. Our season lasts from May 29 to September 25, 2018.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Week 4

Our first kohlrabi. Or is it a spaceship?

A friend of mine, Laurie, tries to take a bite out of the tomato on the greenhouse plants.

These are beautiful blemish-free tomatoes. The greenhouse protects them from rain and most pests.
Sometimes greenhouse staked up cucumbers grow in a curl shape.

And sometimes they grow straight.

Bill, who helps out on Tuesdays. The tomatoes are loaded.

Does it remind you of Charlie Brown's shirt?

Berry crumble. Oh man, yum.

Fresh salad from the garden. Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, peas and a little cheese from the store.

Garden enhanced meatloaf. So delish!

Florencio has lunch after harvesting and washing beets.

Tender biscuits with homemade jam. (Yes, they were still warm!)

A plateful of freshness.


White hosta blooms for a bouquet.

Lavender allium blossoms.

A couple strangely growing tomatoes!

Vibrant parsley. Smells so good.

After the broccoli has been picked. These will be pulled out and something else planted in this raised bed.

The cabbage bed "after" the harvest. These will be pulled out and something new planted.

Red and purple radishes.

Crisp cabbage.

Peas climbing their trellis.

The bed on the right was filled with large artichokes last year. Most froze out over the winter. We started more plants from seed and they have just been planted. Little, floppy looking plants will grow up to be like the ones on each end.

Florencio harvesting lettuce.

Beautiful lettuce. The breeders are coming up with many colors and textures of lettuce. I love crunchy, multicolored lettuce.

Peas on the right, a quilt-like lettuce bed. And I caught Florencio looking serious!

Beautiful. Crunchy.

Red fringed lettuce.

Our first ever celery. It smells very good.

Some are little stalks, some are big. All are tender and tasty.

It's his birthday today! He was at The Farm for box pick up today. What a happy guy! (Mom was happy, too!)

Yellow callas, yellow dahlias and green Lady's Mantle, and blue penstemon.

Soft greens, light sherbet orange roses, and a tomato red echinacea. The most common echinacea are purple coneflower.

Zinnias, pinkish-purple monarda, lavender yarrow along with tall, blue penstemon.

I am a sucker for cheerful zinnias.

Yellow zinnias, light green Lady's Mantle, bi-color lupine are blue and yellow, along with penstemon and blue pincushion flower.

The pincushion flower. Scabiosa is another name for it. They come in different colors, too.


Fern fronds add texture and another shade of green.

Goat's Beard.

A bright, Oregon State colored zinnia. :)

If you have ever heard the rooster while at The Farm, he looks like this when he is staring you down. And he is beautiful!
Our "pallet" table with Lisa's succulents planted in the middle. We placed it down low over the winter.

Lisa and Anna rounded up "antique" bricks from around The Farm. My great niece helped!

Anna stacks them up to raise the pallet table to the appropriate height.

The finished table. Fits right in!